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June 16, 2014

Museums Exhibit

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Museums Exhibit
Natalie S. Walker (c) 2010
Archaeologists dig in tunnels sometimes get lost searching for some
unexplained reason to study full bodies of work.
They Mirrored, Piece together & display the works in the biggest museums
for individuals to interpret and enjoy. 
The ink slinger never understands the historians interests in such
irrefragable truths that are commonly disesteemed by mainstream ideals. 
Exhibits disperse silence creating safe hiding places from bustling streets
and shouting facades of world pleasing praise. Yet the question lingers… 

AHhhh Until… God opens insightful eyes to the light 
& yes there’s absolutely no reason to continue to fight, 
the spot on the wall was always created for you, 
now the real question is, 
do you really have the conquering power 
to see this lovely exhibit through?

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Photo: Museums Exhibit
Natalie S. Walker (c) 2010
Archaeologists dig in tunnels sometimes get lost searching for some unexplained reason to study full bodies of work.
They Mirrored, Piece together & display the works in the biggest museums for individuals to interpret and enjoy. 
The ink slinger never understands the historians interests in such irrefragable truths that are commonly disesteemed by mainstream ideals. 
Exhibits disperse silence creating safe hiding places from bustling streets and shouting facades of world pleasing praise. Yet the question lingers... 

AHhhh Until... God opens insightful eyes to the light 
& yes there's absolutely no reason to continue to fight, 
the spot on the wall was always created for you, 
now the real question is, 
do you really have the conquering power 
to see this lovely exhibit through?


June 13, 2014

That’s How It Feels

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Excerpt from “N’sight To See” (c) 1997 (Just as it was originally written)


Poetry Prelude

Very often we wonder why successful people seclude themselves.  I believe that a big part of the reason is that, in general, we do not take the time to notice people when they are not developed.  We step over and look down; trying to get to the highest branch;  not even recognizing there is a seed about to bud where we just stepped .  It is time to encourage someone who is not yet what they will be… It’s time to stop on our journey to really look at people… For it’s not when we’ve reached the top that we need help with the climb…………. 


That’s how it feels

Natalie S. Walker (c)


I know how it feels 

No beauty or light for the world to see

Surface love for what I can bring

I’m only used for the energy inside of me


Feels like it’s in this soil I’m gonna die

My essence contained just waiting to be free

Deep deep beneath the earth’s surface I lie


Burn me and toss my ashes aside

Can’t you see the glittering black luster

The knowledge of the world absorbing in the eye


I know how it feels


Adore me before mysteries are materialized

I need your acceptance now

Life could be complete if you realized


Won’t be long before my soul takes flight

No insight of the greatness I already posses

I wish you could see me with God’s sight


Never recognized for the outward beauty I’ll become

Just needs a few more years to show

Soon you’ll know, I’ve always been 

a pure Diamond 


That’s how it feels to be coal!

Found this picure on Wayne "Lyte" Brown's page and it just fit perfectly!Found this picure on Wayne “Lyte” Brown’s page and it just fit perfectly!

February 20, 2014

Your Eternal Life or Forgiveness? Please God

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I was cleaning files on my computer, and I came across a email from years ago, not sure why I opened it and read it, but it was my friend sharing with me how he went to church and the pastor spoke on “Forgiveness”.  He said it really hit him, and him sharing made it hit me too!

So ffwd to now, I have to realize that no person is worth God not saying to me “well done my good and faithful servant”.  I have sacrificed too much to please God, I have removed myself from situations, I actually wanted to be in, but KNEW God was not pleased.  

THERE IS NO WAY.. NO WAY… I’m allowing the enemy to use ppl to keep me in unforgiveness. It just doesn’t look good one me! After all, if I don’t forgive, how can I expect God to forgive me? I could not bare to be separated from Him.. 

Good thing is, I understand that forgiving doesn’t make the person right, OR doesn’t mean that I won’t see the person in a different light…but it does mean, I can find peace and let the Lord do His thing!

That being said, I forgive, just as I ask forgiveness! 


January 8, 2013

Keep It Moving

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Most important lesson I learned is that if you JUST TRUST GOD variables are of no consequence….

(C)Natalie S. Walker

All the tangibles today in a flash tomorrow may not be found
Can’t get caught up cause the world is always going round & round

The sunset though so beautiful gives its grace to the sparkle of the moon & THE STAR
All the fullness of mystery & magic of the stars & moon illuminate brightly EVEN from very far

But the darkness MUST give way and make room in Gods set time
brilliance is inevitable to be the proof of Gods word that the Sun will again SHINE!

Keep It Moving

June 12, 2012


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your heart rings in my spirit NON STOP!

and so let me say.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YA’LL … Here  we go

To all good men,

I see you, and I have crazy love and respect for you. 

 This one is a gift to those who come from my blood.  Finding beauty in another is a rare jewel.  To my black, brown, yellow & red brothers,

I find beauty in you.

This poem is meant as no disrespect to any other man, its just that I am truly an

Awe Inspiring Black Man

My Ode To You

I am an Awe Inspiring Black Man Fan

Natalie S, Walker (c) 1997

The rhythm in your step

Lyric in your tone

Understanding beyond belief in the twinkle of your eye

Smile in your heart

The power in your hands

Love in your spirit keeps the continuous tie

Brothers in Afros

Or sportin’ the twists

Curly waves or baldy with a clean cut shave

Ruff neck child

Wall street kid

Uniquely expressing yourself with locks or a low cut fade

You’re not a race of dogs

Or an animal of any kind

Underneath I can see pass the jagged exterior

Completely gifted

Creativity abounding

Truth be told your splendor makes other men feel inferior

I understand you

Realize your plight

Even the brothers who aren’t exactly saints

Ultimate protector

Mass destruction shield

Your nature elevates you out of a world of constraints

I am an Awe Inspiring Black Man Fan

The breadth of your nose

Your soft supple lips

This beautiful creature has been unappreciated for so long

All the shades of black

Your sizes that vary

Even if you’re 5 feet tall, you still stand large and strong

Your sharp witty tongue

Just a sweet under stone

I’m so mystified by your undeniable charms

The broad width of your chest

Mighty force in your reach

I feel completely safe when I’m wrapped in your arms

Proficient speeches

Comfortable street slang

So filled with a brilliance I can’t keep my eyes from the tears

A Southern drawl

A Caribbean accent

Only your words can softly caress my ears

Don’t want no other

They just won’t do

Please help me in making my adoration of you stand

Appreciate our strength

Embrace our loveliness

Have an undying admiration, for this Awe Inspiring Black Woman

This poem is No disrespect to any other man but, I am truly an, Awe Inspiring Black Man Fan!

My Ode To You!

The original

My Grandad and me

RIP Clifford Walker


May 19, 2012

No we can’t love like God, But people matter!

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Was pondering… “WHAT KIND OF LOVE IS THIS”  so I take everything to a human level with God, its not to belittle Him, but just to try to understand Him more.. Many can argue that but umm didn’t He make the word flesh?? Yes, one of the reasons was so we could all relate cause He’s WAY too grand for us.. so now that that’s established.. on to love- Get Gods love u see why we Have to love on each other!

It already boggles my mind, thinking of the fact that God, the creator of all, counted my hairs more importantly NUMBERED MY HAIRS.. I thought about if I was that important to a man for him to know the number of each individual hair NOT JUST HOW MANY???? WOW.  This came to me when I started chemo, and a normal hair came out and I freaked out thinking my hair was gonna come out, I had the single strand of hair in my hand, and I rememberd Luke 12:7 kjv ” 7 But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows” (of course with my memory I didn’t remember the exact scripture but the word was in my heart) MY HAIRS ARE NUMBERED!! So God knew what # hair that was. . .


THEN I THOUGHT, and this is to convince of how Great Gods love is, not to convict.. I thought about how we as people tire so easily when it comes to standing by someone one in need.  We are quick to give up.  Once the novelty wears off, were gone, back to life..oh but JESUS.. He didnt have sin! Yes, he knew his assignment, and he did say not my will.. BUT BUT SAYING AND DOING ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS

WHEN he was on that cross, having people spit at him, treat him lower than a dog. His whole body weight held up by nails in his hands, feet, hot sun beating down on him.. he could have given up on us.. he could have said father this is too much.. send the angels, I want to get back to my comfort, BUT HE DIDNT.. HE DIDNT HE STAYED THERE FOR US!!


Now can we ever match his love? no.. of course not.. but realizing how much he loves me.. makes me want to love on him hard.. makes me want to please him, make him smile.. makes me obey him even when it hurts, makes me hurt when I do wrong,  and if I have to humble myself.. so be it, if I have to give up my will, OK he is worth more than I can ever do!! But I Love him, and i’ll love my neighbor the best way I know how~ check Luke 25-37  *27 “And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself”

So Yes GOD tells us people matter.. we want to please God.. we gotta love on him hard, and love on his people hard.. be his arms and feet! Make our daddy proud.. cause he sure loves us!


April 13, 2012

Swimming Lesson~When your deep under

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Most people who can’t swim don’t understand water. I took swimming lessons as a kid for many years so I figured i’d share some of the things I was taught..

Lesson #1 The water really is your friend if your learn to relax in it.

If God forbid, you start drowning, you go deep under the water.. you can still be ok..

Lift your head up, put your arms straight up hands in a praying position don’t squirm around, try to stay calm, hold your breathe and let your own body buoyancy bring you to the surface of the water.

Once your head is out of the water, then and only then can you gasp for air, but the key is to try to remain calm. Ride the waves till help comes and your body will keep you floating.

I don’t know why, but something about the panic in the body causes us to sink, but when were calm, we can float on the water! Don’t try to estimate where the break of surface will be, the light under the water will fool you, so DON’T TRY TO BREATHE until your head is out of the water!!!

I found you can use swimming principles for life.. Now I just gotta remember that too!!

Just look up, ride the wave and relax till my help comes!


January 10, 2012

What Resides?

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Wink blink

Fast asleep

No more toss n turn

Sometimes can’t make it 4 my nightly

Felice de noches Cause

I got the lessons learned

Dreams unravel

And add I up the clues

Tiny signs ignored Divine direction still

Just cause I paid my dues

Love is strong

Covers the wrong

Giving mirrors of a better me

My whole book bout it

Yet a stranger pointed it out

That the love is 4me to see

surprising understanding

that’s still unreal to feel

When my tears are caught

And given to God to heal

Let’s be real

energies passing

are going to collide,

but how purely spiritual,

when its only sweetness

that’s left to reside

(c) Natalie S. Walker (all Rights Reserved)

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January 2, 2012

Floss of Hope

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Floss of Hope

Natalie S. Walker (c) 2011
surrounded and suffocated
drowning and left for dead
 complete confusion and darkness
all the intertwine conflict
 that dominated in her head
surely no day would be better
the tornados would leave no room for the sun
Dorothy with no yellow brick & friends to adventure
the truth outcast alone to wander desolate
this new world taught her not trust anyone
no time to rest from hurricanes and earthquakes
turmoil stayed behind the fake smile encrusted in the core
the body was worn from the battle
the tears were exhausted of falling
and even she was beyond able to take anymore
God couldn’t let his work not turn into the diamond he planned
there was still so much glitter to come through
Her trust, laughter, confidence, belief, needed restoration
had to find just the floss of hope to cling on
and that resting place, the sigh of relief, the turn around was found in you
Natalie S. Walker
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December 30, 2011


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Natalie S. Walker (c) 2011 All rights Reserved
God met me in my dreams to assure i’d keep hope alive
even showered me with his favor so i could thrive
The enemy never ever meant for me to survive
and i cling to the faith and have the nerve to even strive?
unpredictable eruptions with no action but much to say
being trust worthy is never the normal way
had to learn every smiling face at the airport with a leigh
may only be teethy hot lava just for that day
no every aloha was just a new aloha to me
i’ll still garnish the strength to look to the past to erupt me to my destiny
embracing what i really already knew but didn’t want to see
but some things just have to be to ensure God Gets victory
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